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One of the highlighted strengths of the International Centre associated with UNWTO Academy in Switzerland is its focus on ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance). Together with Bella Vista Institute of Higher Education Switzerland, we have developed training and professional education programs. Students are given a vast array of opportunities to further their preparation for future career opportunities. The centre grants two ESG Certificates (Foundation & Advanced), both available to students of BVIS, Teduka Institute and our partner Schools & Institutes, and to interested individuals that wish to develop their career readiness. The programs provide a unique advantage for students to receive professional ESG training and education to enable credible ESG knowledge and equip learners with experiences related to the job market and industry requirements. Courses include Foundation of ESG I and II, Topics of ESG and Advanced ESG: Building ESG Business Models and Ecosystems. 

We are pleased to feature as part of the ESG program Stanford University’s course Strategies for Sustainability, an on-demand course offered via Stanford Online and taught by Stanford faculty from the School of Engineering and the Doerr School of Sustainability.

With flexible learning formats, an experienced faculty team, and key collaboration with industry partners together offer the whole unique experience of ESG learning, development and more. 


ESG Foundation Certificate



The ESG Certificate of the International Centre associated with UNWTO Academy in Switzerland consists of a combination of courses as displayed below around ESG in a variety of industries. The courses are designed and delivered both F2F and online by BVIS Montreux faculties. The Certificate also includes the possibility to obtain professional certification from one of our partner universities

ESG Advanced Certificate


The second Advanced ESG Certificate of the International Centre associated with UNWTO Academy in Switzerland also known as The Advanced ESG Certificate is more experiential with activities that are done in groups or individually. More specifically, to earn The UNWTO International Center Switzerland ESG Certificate, a student needs to enrol and pass the following 4 courses.

Additional Information

*The Courses above include all course and study materials for the online courses; students also have the option to attend classes at the Montreux campus in Switzerland with additional costs for board and lodging.

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